Class Dojo is Here!

We are new to ClassDojo, just like you! St. Egbert Parents have been invited via email to join our school and classes. You can access ClassDojo on your computer, tablet or cell phone, just download the app.  (Please bear with us as we begin using this educational tool. We hope to have it up and running school-wide soon.) With ClassDojo we can:















If you have concerns about using ClassDojo, please click on the link below  to the ClassDojo Privacy Center. This may answer some of your questions.

If you have already have signed on to ClassDojo and do not want to receive the notification alerts on your phone, try the following:

Go to:



Application Manager

Scroll to find ClassDojo and select

Scroll down to Allow Notifications

Click to change the setting—if the button is grey then it is turned off. You will not receive notifications, sounds or vibrations.

(This works on my Samsung; not sure about Iphones…)

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