Getting to Know our Staff (4)

Farrah Stacy

Mrs. Farrah Stacy

Kindergarten Teacher

Farrah has been teaching for 18 years and 13 of them have been at St. Egbert. She is originally from Virginia where she earned a BS degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Elementary Education from Longwood College. Farrah was the teacher that started the full day kindergarten program at St. Egbert in 2005. She has one daughter, Bethany, who is a freshman at Croatan HS. Farrah’s hobbies include being a dance mom, reading and traveling.  

Why do you like teaching at St. Egbert?

“I love teaching at St. Egbert, because I get to be part of a classroom that is Christ-centered at all times. There is nothing more important in today’s world than to have Jesus present in all that we do!”


Kim McGowan
2nd Grade

Kimberly McGowan

2nd Grade Teacher

Kimberly is new to St. Egbert.  She comes to us from Swansboro (originally from Michigan). She earned her BA in Interior Design from Central Michigan University and her MA in teaching from UNCW. She has had extensive experience as an art teacher in public and private schools. She has been married to Paul, Retired USMCR, for 30 years, and they have three children. Kimberly’s hobbies include reading, painting, running, cooking, traveling, and kayaking. She is also a licensed yoga teacher.

Why do you want to teach at St. Egbert?

“My three children received a Catholic education. The supportive community between staff and family at St. Egbert is vibrant and essential to the academic success of each student. I am excited to teach at a school with experienced educators who combine the 21st century learning with faith-based values. St. Egbert feels like home to me, and I am honored to be a part of each child’s academic and individual success.”


Jess Hane
PE Teacher

Jessica Hane

Physical Education Teacher

Jess is a graduate of UNCW.  This will be her third year at St. Egbert.  Jess teaches Physical Education and Health. In her spare time, she enjoys playing lawn games and spending time with family, friends, and her dog, Eli.  Go Giants!  

Why do you like teaching at St. Egbert?

“I love teaching at St. Egbert, because we pay attention to the small details in education that are so important to teach the children. Our school family is so involved and the amount of help from parents and co-workers to accomplish events and educational goals is amazing! It is a school where everybody is trying to achieve great academic success for all of our students!”

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