Getting to Know our Staff (5)

Mary Lou Kimmell
SEAS Assistant

Mary Lou Kimmell

Assistant Director of SEAS

Mary Lou is originally from Sewickley, PA. She retired here 5 ½ years ago and has been a part of St. Egbert for 1 ½ years.  She has a degree in accounting and spent most of her career as a manager and buyer of a clothes store.  She has also worked in a YMCA preschool and daycare. Mary Lou has four children and 13 grandchildren.  In her spare time, she spends time volunteering for Meals on Wheels, serving meals at Hope Mission, and taking communion to the home-bound.

Why do you like working at St. Egbert?

“I love working with children and thoroughly enjoy working with children in the aftercare program, because the children range from pre-k to 5th grade. I enjoy the individual time I get to spend with each child.”

Catherine Brett
SEAS Coordinator

Catherine Brett

Director of SEAS

Catherine has been at St. Egbert for 2 years.  She taught elementary school for over 30 years.  She has a daughter and granddaughter.  In her spare time, Catherine enjoys reading, playing games, and dancing.

Why do you like working at St. Egbert?

“I like the Christian atmosphere.  I also appreciate the support from parents for their children.  The staff, parents, and kids are amazing!”

Raymonda Ibrahim,
PreK Assistant

Raymonda Ibrahim

Pre-K Instructional Aide

 Raymonda has been at St. Egbert for 5 years. Prior to St. Egbert, she was a French teacher for 12 years in her home country of Lebanon. She has 2 daughters who are both in high school. Raymonda’s hobbies include cooking, hiking, and traveling.

Why do you like working at St. Egbert?

“My daughters attended St. Egbert, and they got a great education. Teachers and the administrators were attentive and caring. Everyone felt like a family. I was very excited at the opportunity to join the staff at St. Egbert.”

Peggy Lumsden,

Peggy Lumsden

First Grade Instructional Aide

 Peggy has been at St. Egbert for a total of 26 years!  She began as a volunteer librarian for 8 years while her children attended school here.  She is in her 18th year as an instructional aide.  Prior to St. Egbert, Peggy worked at Fort Bragg in the army hospital. Her last year there she was the Eighteenth Air Born Corp Congressional Liaison for the army. She has been married to Treve for 35 years, and they have a son and daughter.  Both are teachers.

Why do you like working at St. Egbert? 

“I love the kids!  They are so loving and make you feel good each day you are there.  I also love the faculty and staff.”



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